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Free report: College Classroom Mistakes

Do you enjoy reading articles each week written by teachers and instructors like yourself? Would you benefit from receiving a free report that guides you through online resources for student engagement or a free report that shares reflective stories on teaching mistakes? What about a 15-minute podcast every other week that offers tips, tricks, and teaching techniques?

Look no further! Sign up for Faculty Focus and you'll receive three free articles each week, a podcast, free reports, and the chance to have your own articles published or the possibility to showcase your teaching thoughts on our podcast!

⬅️ Check out this free report (among numerous others!): Teaching Mistakes 101: What I Wish I Would Have Known!

Additionally, if you believe you have an inspiring topic to talk about or know your voice can motivate the teaching audience, reach out to Tierney King at tierney.king@magnapubs.com with your podcast topic ideas!

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