Welcome to this virtual event environment! Here you can watch sessions, explore further the topics being discussed, and network with your colleagues and industry professionals.

Here is a brief overview of how this virtual environment works.

We have entered some of your information already, including your name and email address. For your security, please change your password at this time. Feel free to add other information, such as your website address, your job title, biographical information, and country. PLEASE ALSO be sure to upload an image of yourself - this image will also appear in any session listings for which you are a speaker. When you are done, please click on the button in the upper right portion of the page that says "View My Profile" and make sure everything looks the way you want it to.

Provides the full list of sessions. To watch, click on the Watch Live button toward the top of the Home Page and on the top right of the Schedule. This will also be the place where you can go back and view recorded content on demand. Your registration includes exclusive access to the recorded content.
Click on the “Watch Live” button to view the video player.

This area provides a list of sponsors for the event. Clicking on each sponsor will bring you to their respective page to learn more about them.

This area allows you to find out more about the session presenters. Simply click on the speaker’s image to learn more about them. Use the Search box to find any specific speaker you are looking for.

Visit the Poster Hall to view posters and presentations from your fellow attendees. Browse or search by name for a poster you'd like to view; click to see more. On the poster page, join the presenter at a virtual table to talk via text, audio, or video, reach out the presenter using the "Contact Me" button, or leave a comment.

In the Attendees section, you can see all of the registered attendees, and click on their icon in order to visit their My Profile page and learn more about them.

If you have any trouble accessing anything on the site, please let the tech support team know by emailing them at support@performedia.com, or click on the Contact Us button at the top of this pages.

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